Jumaat, 25 November 2016

#11 Movie - Fantastic Beasts

Assalamualaikum , readers !
            Today , I watched Fantastic Beasts with my friends at AEON Klebang . The movie was great ! I have fun watching it because the story was beyond my expectation . Moreover , potterheads ( Fiqa and Sarie ) were very loud ; they keep repeating all those magic words that were deciphered throughout the movie . I am really excited that I would like to jot down all the things that were told in the movie , But then , I feel bad to spoil everything .

             When I watched this movie , it reminded me about one of the episodes from Dr.Who . There is an issue in the story that is quite similar with it . From the movie , I learned that whenever we received any information or issue , it is better to investigate it first without jumping to the conclusion .  The main character , Newt , who keeps magical creatures , was being blamed for causing destruction in the New York City due to his three creatures that had escaped . He defended himself , telling the truth that it was not his fault . At the end the story , the culprit behind the problem is revealed and shamelessly , people who blamed him , ought to ask his apology for not trusting him . We can see that people who is innocent can be blamed if one make a rush decision without considering truth . Besides , conformity is also lethal that sometime lead to wrong decision . We are human and we cannot stand by ourselves . That is why we need someone in our life . Imagine being in a circle of friends and they are deciding to do an activity . Everyone is prone to do this activity and you are the only one who wants to do something else . You know that your friends make a wrong decision because the activity that they had chosen is dangerous or bad . But then , due to conformity , you agree because you just do not want to be different or left out .




Khamis, 24 November 2016

#11 Vocabulary

- insistent public expression ( as of support or protest )
             A public clamor for an arrest in th case .

- one who possesses exelted rank or holds a position of dignity or honor
           The event was attended by many dignitaries from different countries .

- causing or characterized by emotional distress or tension
           John has sometimes had a fraught relatioship with the society .

- a mutual enmity or quarrel that is often prolonged or inveterate
            Dramatical political feud may be feuling James' success .

- marked by easy composure of manner or bearing
             She seemed poised to take on the leadership of the country .

Isnin, 21 November 2016

#10 Vocabulary

- easy to approach
            She is an affable person that I can easily start a conversation with her .

- calm 
            The chef was imperturbable -even when the kitchen caught on fire .

- tasteless
             The soup was rather insipid .

- to prevent 
              The act is implemented to preclude any bad consequences that will affect the success of the program .

- using few words to state or express an idea 
               She gave a succinct review regarding the movie .        

Ahad, 20 November 2016

#10 Movie - Juno

Assalamualaikum readers
           Today , I would like to review upon a movie entitled Juno . I had watched this movie before and I think it is worth watching for teenager .
          The issue that I had being brought up in this movie is regarding pregnancy before marriage . Juno , who is the main character in this story , was having an unplanned pregnancy that put pressures of adult life onto her . Juno faced two choices ; whether to abort the baby or not . Eventually . she chose to keep the baby . This story presented a message that child abortion is a mean way because it kills innocent baby . It was also encouraged the parents ,who have their unmarried daughter to be pregnant , to provide support and moral for them in facing a difficult hardships . Juno received many cold looks from her surrounding due to her pregnancy .  But , Juno was brave to handle that and managed to overcome all those things without feeling being oppressed . Supposedly , the community should not see the person who faces the issue as a parasite or plaque in society . We can never when the problem can happen to us . So , put ourselves in their shoes before judging their life.
           For me , I liked this material because I could know how is life for an unmarried girl to be pregnant in such early age . It was very difficult as it faces lot of cold looks from the society and entirely being burden by the extra cost that must be paid for treatment . Moreover , I could observe different perspective on how people view this issue in different country . In America , it was seen to be a normal issue , whereas , in my country , my society is totally oppressed this issue as pregnancy before marriage is seen as a disgraceful act for the family .

Jumaat, 18 November 2016

#9 Vocabulary

-the removal from a acountry of an alien whose presence is unlawful or prejudicial
              The deportation of the Jews from Spain in 1942

- a series of actions that are done by the police in order to catch animals .
              The murderer was caught in the police dragnet .

- the act or an instance of congregating or bringing together : the state of being congregated
               She is involved in a small congregation in church .

- a situation in which soldiers or police officers surround a city , building , etc. , in order to try to take control of it .
               The minority hopes that the assembly is done under siege .

- something serving as a signal or suggestion
                She breathes heavily , giving out a cue that she is tired .

Khamis, 17 November 2016

Reflection upon the debate tournament

Assalamualaikum , readers !
      Recently , our batch were having a debate tournament that lasted for three days . The debates were fun to watch and I learned so many things from them . Frankly , I am neither interested in debate nor do I ever participate one. It is never in my cup of coffee since I am not good in defending my stand ,
 moreover , I am easily swayed by others’ opinion . But , after being a debater and watched all those debates , I started to realize the importance of the debate .

      I claim that I have never participate a debate once in my life . Well , I am telling the truth . I do not know the format of the debate to the extent that the terms THW and THBT sound unfamiliar for me . Thanks goodness that Anis helped me through all the hardships since she is a former debater during her school . She was such a great help that I managed to stand as a Prime Minister and give my so-called speech .I was really nervous that I ended it too early . From that incident , I learned that I should prepare really well and understand my role carefully . Even though we lost , I learned that cooperation and teamwork is the key of success. If one speaker say carelessly , this will lead to fatality and will affect the whole team . 

      Besides , I also learned that believing in your claim is vital even though it is not realistic . During the three days tournament , the most interesting debate I found is THBT Earth is flat . At first , I had had this thought that obviously the opposition will win this case . Because I was too deluded with facts that I already learned during schools , I immediately bet the success of the opposition team . However , during the debate , my opinions were totally changed . The speakers from the government were very convincing : they poured all the information from concrete sources and they are such cunning debaters . All those points about Earth being flat  were somehow make sense that even I started not to believe science books and NASA . Who ever thought that even flaw things can be debated and win . Now , I understand that , in debate , believing your claim is important in order to emphasize your point to the people you are talking to .No one knows about your knowledge better than yourself . Therefore , be confident so that people will acknowledge your idea .  

      Moreover , whenever we receive new information,we should see it in different angle. In all the debates that I watched ,  whenever an opposition speaker spoke such a convincing point , my stand was easily fell apart and I cannot even sense flaw in his speech . But , when the next speaker stands , he managed to rebut the point successfully . I never think of that idea and reason yet he able to nail it . From that incident , I learned that we should learn ideas from different perspectives . In terms of making a decision , we should not prone to only one point of view without considering different angles. It is because , if we ever ignore them , they can be the main cause behind the failure of our agenda and can cause bad consequences.

       Overall , I really enjoyed the debates . Many new things I received and now , I knew that Amirul Afiq is such a great speaker despite his mysterious personality . 

Selasa, 15 November 2016

#9 Movie - In Bruges

Assalamualaikum ,
     For this review , I will discuss about movie “In Bruges“. For me , I really like the movie because it discussed about an important issue . The issue is that who owns the life : God , people or ourselves ? In that movie , I could see Ken attempted to kill himself at the same time Ray was planning to murder him . Life was seen to be a petty thing that everyone can take it out simply . Through deep watching the movie , a question came out in my mind ; who creates us ? What is the purpose of our existence ? These were not my first time having such thoughts but somehow this movie recalled it back . Eventually , I turn to Islamic perspective on how life is view . 

    Did the ending match my initial impression of the movie ? Well , sort of . I always expect that every movie should have a happy ending and the main character survives . When I watch the movie , I always have the impression that Ken will survive together with his partner , Ray . I was expecting them to escape from their boss , Harry , but then , the story turns out to be different . When Ray was assigned to kill Ken , which is kind of ironic , my impression start to change . In the end , Ray was dead by Harry’s hand and Harry committed suicide for unreasonable reason : breaking policy .